Welcome to i-grow Care and Support

Who we are

i-grow are an innovative care and support company that was started in 2012.

We specialise in providing personalised care and support packages to individuals in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

Since 2012 we have worked with our staff and the individuals we support to develop our company and have incorporated technology to enhance our staff support and our delivery of services.


What we do

We support people in the community with a diverse range of needs and specialise in supporting vulnerable adults with learning and physical disabilities.

We create person-centred support plans and risk assessments which are continually updated on our online support system to ensure we understand how to deliver the most appropriate and best support solutions for the individuals using our services.

Our Support Packages

We provide tailor made support solutions based on the needs and wishes of the individuals we support. We match staff in terms of their training, hobbies, interests and personalities so that the people we support receive the best possible support solutions. We encourage and enable the individual receiving the support to be as involved in the recruitment of their team and the design and delivery of their support as possible.

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